Briefing at CONEXPO-CON/AGG on key aspects of the global construction equipment market, with a focus on supply chain issues

In-person event - Wednesday 15th March 2023  |  8AM  |  MEETING ROOM N257

What you get


Hear the latest outlook for global and regional construction equipment markets from the industry’s foremost experts. Key content will include a review of 2022, five-year forecasts and a particular focus on North America.

For all who register and join the Briefing we will include a three-month trial to our North American Market Reports. These provide monthly updates to the latest construction equipment news and financial results from all the manufacturers in the region and costs $3,510.00 for 12-month access.


15 March 2023

Why register?



Learn the latest outlook and prospects for the global construction and construction equipment industry from world-renowned experts.


Understand the causes of on-going supply chain disruptions and how your organisation can address them



Key areas include:

Latest equipment market figures and forecasts

Construction market drivers




15 March 2023

Who’s speaking?

Chris Sleight

Managing Director


Off-Highway Research


Bill Baker

Vice President, North America

Off-Highway Research


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15 March 2023

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